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About Sharpe Products, Inc.

Sharpe Products inc. is a New Jersey based company whose mission is to take an idea
or an interesting concept and create a product that is uncommon to others in the marketplace.

We are a group of diverse thinkers. Our goal is to reach an outcome that is not only interesting
and intriguing but thought-provoking and educational.

We are currently working on new products and innovative ideas. Following are a few of our most popular to date:

  stonehedge watch

Pocket Watch

Hold the legend
and ageless wonder of Stonehenge in the palm
of your hand by claiming The Stonehenge Watch
as your own. By owning The Stonehenge Watch, you will quickly learn that Stonehenge is, at once, the oldest and newest way to tell time.

The Stonhenge Watch
is a valued collectible and makes a treasured gift.

Lighted Flip and Focus

Lighted Flip & Focus

The perfect combination
of light and magnification

The clip-on magnifier is an optical aid in a convenient place when you need that little extra.

  • Makes detail work
    and knot tying easier
  • Attaches to any hat brim
  • Flips up and down
    for easy use
  • Scratch resistant lens
    with 2.5x magnificat


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