Guiding Light for your mailbo protect your home and family
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A Guiding Light
for Peace of Mind...

• Emergency Vehicles

• Package Delivery

• Out-of-Town Friends & Family

• Home Buyers

• Contractors & Repair Men

• Food/Flower Delivery

When seconds count

Now your home can be easily located day or night
with the Guiding Light for your Mailbox.

When seconds matter, an ambulance, fire engine or police car can spot your house from half a football field away.

The ultimate nighttime home locator ensures that no one will drive past your house anymore.

No more missed package deliveries or cold pizza.

No more lost out-of-town relatives. Even if you live in
a rural wooded area, with Guiding Light for your Mailbox visitors will be able to easily find your home on the darkest, moonless night.

Ultimate home locator
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Easy to Install on "any" standard sized mailbox Solar Powered
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